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I introduce to you, SOJAI Travel, a partner and Award Winning Certified Travel Agency of International Vacations through Global Platinum Services, one of the leading providers of travel-related services and travel education in the world.

GPS has partnered with an extensive and outstanding group of travel partners that assist in providing the best values for their vacation program and their members worldwide. Headquartered in Plano, Tx., GPS works exclusively with International Vacations, a 37 year-old, licensed and bonded travel agency to bring you the ultimate experience in both domestic and international travel.

SOJAI Travel, a new and invigorating international travel brand just for you! Ever think about flying to Bora Bora to relax on some of the most pristine beaches in the world, Skiing the never ending slopes of Colorado or basking in the sun along the tranquil waters of Aruba. With SOJAI Travel, we can take you there.


Want to learn how you can become a partner of a 8 trillion dollar industry as a Certified Travel Consultant? Do you enjoy exclusive world travel with family and friends and want to get paid for it?  Have you had ambitions or goals to tap into your bucket list and set out on an adventure of a lifetime?  If so, be sure to CLICK on our JOIN US tab and let us show you how!  For further information be sure to connect with us via our CONTACT US tab for assistance.


SOJAI Travel is here to help you fulfill all of your travel needs.


Contact us Today!!


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