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Corporate America is indeed a giant within itself that often small businesses find either difficult or intimidating in finding a niche in which they can compete in.  More often than not, these companies find themselves stagnant in growth as a result.  Without a champion to assist them in fostering both innovative ideas and solid business development techniques, the idea of running a competitive and successful business may be in vain.


Small businesses are the foundation of our country in which the economic axis is balanced upon.  Do you feel like your business may not be competitive enough in the marketplace?  Do you feel that you may not have tapped into the core of your business's potential? SOJAI Entertainment is here to help.  


Specializing in minority owned businesses, SOJAI Entertainment has a solid and proven business development foundation with major corporate, public sector and private sector connections.  We are able to provide our clientele with a valuable resource bank in getting what they need to thrive, accomplished.


Whether it be construction, entertainment & events, education, local government, commercial or non-commercial, let us assist you in growing your business and creating the ability for you to compete among major competitors.  


Do you have a commercial multi-million dollar contract that you need negotiated?  Or do you simply need an entity to research new potential business opportunities, engage the appropriate executive leadership of a new project, and negotiate your deal to closure? SOJAI Entertainment is the firm you need. Let us assist your business today?

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